Columbia SURGE

Scientific Union for the Reduction of Gun Violence


More science, less violence – making scientific solutions to gun violence a top priority at Columbia and for the nation.

A letter has been addressed to the Director of the National Institutes of Health (NIH) to support new initiatives allowing scientists to compete for research designed to reduce gun violence. Interested scientists can click here to read and sign the letter.


The Columbia SURGE capitalizes on the university’s convening power to generate new science, new scientists, and transformative solutions to the tragedy of gun violence.


The actions we take unite us in this common vision and mission:

NEW SCIENCE AND SCIENTISTS – make gun violence a top focus for Columbia scientists and activate gun violence research capacity and training across campus:

  • Recruit scientists and scholars from a broad range of disciplines, especially those who currently do not participate in gun violence research;

  • Host professional development programs for early and mid-career scientists and create courses and scholarships for students interested in gun violence research and policy;

  • Create an information hub with up-to-date federal and private gun violence research funding opportunities.

NEW RESOURCES AND RECOGNITION – promote scientific investment and academic freedom in the search for solutions to gun violence:

  • Instigate a campaign to raise $100 million in public and private funds for gun violence research, from ideas-incubation and seed-funding to support for project implementation;

  • Advocate for investment of state and federal dollars into gun violence prevention research at levels on par with other public health and biomedical crises;

  • Engage with media, policymakers, and the public to defend the scientific independence of any individual or group conducting gun violence research.

REDUCTIONS IN GUN VIOLENCE – produce and promote the implementation of scientific solutions that have been shown to reduce gun violence:

  • Produce comprehensible and informative gun violence consensus reports that draw legitimacy from the Columbia brand and the best available science;

  • Activate citizen scientists and affected communities to bring to light new solutions to gun violence worthy of future study;

  • Promote scientific consensus conferences on gun violence research showcasing keynote influencers and programs.


Please contact us with any questions.

Communications Director
E. Lenita Johnson, MA

Columbia University
DiLenny Roca-Dominguez, MPH

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